Liberty Avenue Three Year old Kindergarten:


  • is a community owned not for profit organisation.  We are run by a volunteer committee of management and employ two qualified and experienced educators. We have been a part of the local community for more than twenty five years now and take great pride in the valuable service we have been able to offer our families throughout this time.

  • Is in the process of applying to be a funded service to coincide with the 2022 3yr old kindergarten funding


  • ​ offers quality preschool education to children aged 3+


  •  employs qualified educators, including a qualified VIT registered preschool teacher


  • is regulated by The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


  • is registered with Centrelink as a Registered Child Care Provider for families who are eligible to claim Child Care Benefits.


  • provides a safe, nurturing educational setting for young children and their families


  • participates in the "Smiles for Miles" program, focussing on healthy eating, drinking and oral hygiene.



Some quotable quotes...


"...Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn..."  

- Benjamin Franklin


"... A person is a person, no matter how small..."

-Dr Seuss


"... Play is the highest form of research..."

-Albert Einstein


"... Every child is an artist..."

-Pablo Picasso


"... If a child can not learn in the way we teach, we teach in a way the child can learn..."


About Us